Some prints from the woodcuts I made in the last couple of weeks:

This is Luigi. Luigi is an awkward guy who lives in a tiny flat together with his cat.

This is Thérèse. She gives awesome teacparties, but no one ever shows up.

Let them eat cake!


6 responses to “Woodcuts

  1. Lol at the chairs XDD. Awesome! And your cat!
    And yay I’m so happy with the three woodcuts :D. And aww at Thérèse..

  2. YOUR CAT LOOK MASSIVE! I love these photos as poses :D. You bought that bag from that lingerie shop? I’m so jealous!

    Oh I love the last cut most of all! So great.

    • Or I just look small? I look awkward while posing so this kind of worked out.
      Yeah, I bought it during sales for only 8 euro. The fabric inside is already coming lose so I’m happy that I didn’t bought it at the original price.

      I actually don’t like the last cut that much. I like the first two more and I think the second one has a brilliant expression. That’s something I’m missing in the third one.

  3. Lol! die foto’s met die stoel zijn cool!! en je kat is super huge ik dacht eerst dat t een hondje was ! lol xxx

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